My name is Joana, I am Ghanaian and I love anything and everything Mango :-). As you read this I have probably had something mango in my system today. I am a Christian, I love Jesus and my life belongs to him. What He has done is more than enough reason for my faith!!

I am currently a rising senior at Mount Holyoke College’17 and an Economics and Politics major. I enjoy travelling even tho I am still unable to afford all the wonderful I want to visit. I started this blog to share my Christian faith and all the wonderful milestones in my life as well as give the rest of the world an opportunity to enjoy all the wonderful people God has placed around me. I give my friends an opportunity to share with you what the spirit is speaking to them as well!!

I have a great family! In addition to my parents, I have a wonderful big sister and big brother (and their children, husband and wife respectively). My family is  a blessing and I am forever grateful for their presence in my life.

I hope my readers are inspired by this blog. Any feedback or critique is always welcome. Blessings!



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